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Of hills, legs and foxes – Wiking’s epic spring brevet at Velonode

Actually, I planned to ride that brevet too. Unfortunately, my pollen allergy put a stop for that and instead I enjoyed some good gravel riding in northern parts of beautiful Gävle. Wiking indeed rode the whole brevet. Even though taken with his mobile phone, the pictures turned out beautiful and the ride turned out to be as tough and epic as a windy spring long distance ride should be. So I asked Wiking for some words and some pictures, and here’s the feature. Enjoy the ride through this talented lens fellow riders → OUT AT VELONODE NOW.

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CykelKatja kör landsväg

How Wiking and I forgot about the intervals

Yesterday afternoon, me and Wiking decided to do some intervals. Let’s do some intervals, I said. Alright then, Wiking answered. Well there was me, sporting my good ol’ Catlike helmet and there was Wiking, sporting his new Oakleys (I tried them, everything looks pink and cute and romantic through the lens). And then, there were our shadows, sharp in the gloaming light. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but that was when we forgot we’d ride intervals. Let’s ride and check out the castle, I said. Maybe there’s still some evening sun left on its walls, I suggested. Alright then, Wiking answered. […]

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CX och gravel

Our rear Saturday ride

Last Saturday, seven fine cyclist bums decided to go for a spring classic ride. The bums belonged to me, AK, Valle, Nisse, Frank, Wiking and Rob. The orange bum of AK took on the first great climb of Westmanland of approximately 3 ‰. Us rear bums chased the orange bum upon them steep hills… and sometimes, the peloton even split because of the slightly shifting effort levels as well as the chasers’ different bikes types. Eventually, the friendly bums reunited and built exquisite formations to combat the heavy front-winds… and if you were really lucky, you could get a glimpse of the face behind the bum YOU […]

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