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Sexy bike gloves, unexpected

hm gloves

Being a crazy cyclist, I see cycling in almost everything. Some people may find it rather single-minded but I’m quite sure I share this ability (or curse?) with other people obsessed by their interests. So it is with these priceworthy gloves from H&M. The gloves are sold as training gloves for gym people who don’t want to get calluses on their palms when pumping heavy iron or whatever stuffs gym people amuse themselves by instead of proper riding. Being a crazy cyclist and a lace glove fetishist, at once I saw the opportunity to dress my chapped rider hands. In gym gloves, I saw the bike gloves and I bought them and considering the average lifespan of H&M products, our time together is going to be quite short and quite chic. So that was the unexpected bike glove tip of the day. Puss!

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