Afterbike, afterglow


Hi we’re in the band


No just kidding cause the sport we prefer is kinda individual


Even if you sometimes need friends who wait for you when the hill is done


and take the inner line of the curve, without any reason actually but it looks good

and sometimes slow down simultaneously


cause the air in the pine woods is fresh to breathe in and the views are too fine to just hurry past.

Last Saturday, me, Wiking, Rob and AK went for a ride on forest roads of Surahammar and Lisjö county. It was really fun and quite demanding because of the rather high tempo. All the guys in our group are truly strong riders so my legs had to work all the time. It actually went pretty well until toward the end of the ride when I became really, really hungry and had to wave goodbye and take a small gravelly short cut road so I shortened my ride with approximately ten kilometres. And believe me – I felt grateful that had made it. It’s funny how you sometimes never learn – how stupid is it not to take an extra bar the the jersey pocket?

Anyway – the ride was great and I’m grateful for all the power and endurance training I managed to endure (hehe) this winter. Even if there are lots of work to do and a lots of faster miles to ride before I’ll be in a proper shape, the ground is satisfactory.

Pix by the Royal Wiking
Strava’s here
Mavis’ new fab album’s here

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